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Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Vivienne W. Chicago, IL Oct 15, 2023

My boy Ninja is now 16 months old and I can't believe I haven't left a review! Ninja is my third Boston, first from Sherri, and the very best of the breed I have ever seen. Sherri Brett is such a responsible breeder and has taught me the difference in a high-quantity breeder who focuses on health issues and temperament. Ninja is so smart, loving, handsome, and HEALTHY! if you're looking for a knowledgeable and responsible breeder, I highly recommend Sherri Brett!!!

"I would recommend Brett's Painted Bostons to anyone interested in getting a Boston Terrier. Sherri is a great breeder and the process was very clear and she answered my questions along the way. I have 2 Bostons from her and they are the best dogs. They have a great temperament, they're healthy, and they're both so handsome. From interacting with Sherri, it's obvious that she's very passionate and cares about each and every dog which is exactly what I want in a breeder." by Samantha J. on Yelp

"I would recommend Brett's Painted Bostons to anyone who loves the breed and who desires to adopt a puppy or retiring adult from a kind, reputable and responsible breeder. We have adopted both a puppy and adult from Sherri and they are absolutely wonderful dogs. They are so happy, healthy and well-behaved and it speaks volumes about the way Sherri treats her dogs. She is quick to follow up if you have questions, and even years later when I text or email her, she responds immediately." by Karen C. on Yelp

I Am so happy I found Brett's Painted Bostons when we decided to get our two puppies. Missy and Buster are the sweetest, smartest and happiest puppies and have quickly become a part of our family. They are so much fun to watch and have stole my heart. They have the best temperament. The vet was very impressed. Sherri made the experience great while waiting for our puppies. She truly loves what she does and it shows. They were definitely worth the wait. by Theresa B. on Yelp

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