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Brett's Painted Bostons Facebook Reviews

We cannot be more in love with our Phoebe June, thanks to Sherri and Brett's Painted Bostons! Sherri was such a delight to work with - she's an amazing breeder and we couldn't recommend her and her program enough. Thank you Sherri Brett!!!!! Mac Delaney ***

I found Sherri and Brett's Painted Bostons a day after my heart was broken from losing our first Boston. I was a mess and my husband said he could no longer live with me unless we got another dog soon. Through tears I stalked Sherri's website and Facebook page. I reached out to Sherri and filled out her application. She happened to have two boys available. We made our selection and watched Beacon grow through the pics and videos Sherri sent. We were able to see him play with his brother and other puppies she had at the time. I was in love, but still heart broken. But I knew that Beacon would help heal my heart. And that he did. We picked him up Mother's Day weekend. He's been such a joy to have in our lives. I can't imagine our lives without him. He is silly, entertaining, loving, energetic, sometimes hard-headed and absolutely gorgeous. We get so many compliments on his markings, coloring and overall look. Our experience with Sherri was amazing. I feel I have found a life long friend in Sherri. She is dedicated to bettering the breed and I know she will be there for us if we ever need anything. She takes such great care of all of her dogs. I honestly don't know when she finds time to sleep. I would adopt another one of her pups in a heartbeat if I knew my husband would not strangle me lol! I feel honored to be a part of the Brett's Painted Boston family. Jennifer Toebe *** We’ve adopted two BTs from Sherri. Both dogs are healthy, pleasant, smart, playful, mentally healthy and affectionate. They are also beautiful! Sherri is an adopting family’s dream. She is informative, helpful and professional. She guided us through both adoptive processes and each one went smoothly. She will spend almost unlimited amounts of time with her families as they work through the adoptive process. And she never forgets her pups, always reciting my pups’ lineages to me when I communicate with her. Sherri delights in her fur babies’ happy lives and always welcomes a picture of one of her furry adoptees with his new family. She is an extremely conscientious breeder, loyal to each and every doggie she cares for, both puppies and parents. And she is always there for any adoptive families who may have questions. She is loyal to the breed and does much to keep the breed healthy and strong. I feel so lucky that we found Sherri and her lovely BT fur babies. Nancy Louise *** I lost one of my 2 Boston’s in February. Rosie was Lonely without her companion as she he’d never been an only dog before. I stumbled a upon Brett’s Boston’s and began researching and talking to Sherri. She does all the health testing and all of her puppies are raised with love and devotion. She makes sure they are microchipped and vetted with a nice care package when you pick up your puppy! I am honored that she made me a part of her extended Boston Terrier family. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a sweet loving healthy Boston Terrier to get on Sherri’s waiting list. It is well worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed! Aimee Samelak ***

So happy I went to Sherri for my first dog! I have the happiest little heartbreaker. She loves people and is so well behaved compared to other puppies I’ve met. Awesome communication and photos throughout the process. I’d reached out to a handful of other breeders and it became very clear that Sherri was the best one and knows what she’s doing. Sprout is perfectly healthy and exactly what I was hoping for Alyssa Anne ***

Getting a puppy from Brett's Painted Bostons was a wonderful experience. The owner is extremely discerning about who gets her babies, and the waitlist is often long, but it's worth it. You get progress reports as the puppy grows toward your time to pickup, and you become part of the Painted Boston family once you do so. Sherri is always responsive to questions about care, and takes an active interest in the puppy's lives once they leave the farm. Prospective owners can only get their new puppy face-to-face, so you'll either need to travel to Indiana or arrange travel for Sherri and the puppy. Somehow she manages to know all the puppies she has homed, and all their siblings and parents, which is mind-boggling. I can't recommend enough, and hope to get my Tilly a sibling in the near-future. Aaron Rock *** I have the most precious fur baby. Thanks to Bretts’s Painted Boston’s. His name is Willie. His personality is just incredible and his smart, too smart we love him and thank God everyday for him being a part of our lives Charlene McCool *** Two years ago we found Sherri while looking for a puppy after losing our 16.5 year old Boston Terrier, Apollo (our first BT). We adopted Cash (brindle/white) at that time and Sherri was amazing! We picked up Cash on our 15 year Anniversary. Fast forward to this year and we returned to Sherri when we saw she had a female available. Ironically, just a week before our 17th anniversary this year, we picked up our new baby girl, Denali (black brindle/white). These two babies have been such blessings to our world. They have both gotten along well with our current 5 year old BT, Boogie and our 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, Audra - fitting in like they have been here all along. Thank you Sherri, for all the obvious love and devotion you have for your babies and the Boston Terrier breed. It shows in so many ways! Our house is certainly full but full of much love and a few extra paws. Heather Minnemann


I researched for a year before deciding on Brett’s Painted Bostons. Without question, it was the right decision. Sherri genuinely cares for all her dogs (adults and puppies). She is kind, caring and willing to answer all questions. My puppy is happy, healthy and so handsome. His temperament is excellent. His characteristics are true to the breed and that is a testament to Sherri’s excellence in breeding standards. I highly recommend Brett’s Painted Bostons and suggest you join Sherri’s extended Boston Terrier family. Nyota Ferguson


This was the best experience we have ever had with a breeder, Sherri is amazing. Not only does she breed to the highest standards, her puppies are beautiful. Most important, they are health tested to ensure a healthy puppy for a healthy life. Sherri is wonderful to communicate with. It is clear she cares very deeply about all of her dogs and takes great care of all of them. Sherrie was so helpful with all of our questions and even met us in Indianapolis to shorten our trip to pick up our amazing Luigi! I highly recommend Sherri! Lorene Harder


When we started researching breeders for Boston Terriers, I had had only found 1 or 2 near my area. I called and emailed both so that I could get information on their history, reasons for breeding, health checks and guarantees and just the overall feel for the person I might be working with. Neither of them returned my calls or emails. To me that was a red flag. After talking to my mom, I remembered that they had gotten their lab in New Mexico and that sometimes you need to look out of state to find the best breeder. So that’s exactly what I did. I began looking online and came across Sherri’s site. There was so much great information on there and I could tell that she had a love what she did. I contacted her to get information and she immediately got back with me and answered all of my questions. I was instantly drawn to her. She told me that she was available at anytime day or night to discuss any concerns that I may have once I brought my puppy home. That we would be a “family “ for life...and that’s exactly what we are. I flew from Houston to Indiana and brought my little guy,Elliott, home on December 19, 2014. It has been the best decision ever and I’m in constant contact with her, whether it be about questions or just to share a picture of our little guy. I am blessed that I found her and would recommend her in a heart beat if you are looking for a well-bred Boston Shannon Lindsey


Thank you, Sherri, for my beautiful little girls, Matani and Gili, (Piper & Nick’s litter, born 9/17/2017). I have had Bostons constantly in my home for 45 years! Every single one has been smart, special, and loved. But not until I discovered Sherri Brett’s Painted Bostons have I encountered a breeder so professional, so loving, so devoted, so approachable and available. Even before I contacted Sherri for the first time, I felt part of the Painted family for over a year just by following the website and Facebook, anticipating every birth and following their progress and adoption. Such beautiful fur-babies, both large and small! It was wonderful to finally meet you, Sherri, visit the farm, and meet so many beautiful Bostons. Thank you for the updates, pictures and videos so we could watch them grow. Thank you for answering my countless emails. While we welcome our new little Israelis to our home in Jerusalem—we’ll always remember their first home with Sherri—Brett’s Painted Bostons of Shoals, Indiana. Nancy & Hy Brown, Jerusalem, Israel ***

We loved working with Sherri to bring home our pup, Ares. Sherri really cares about her pups and especially the families that will adopt them! She was always available to us, answering all questions, sending us photos of Ares once he was born and telling us about his playing antics and growth. We felt very connected to him before we even picked him up. We are so glad we found Sherri because our dog gets along with all dogs, loves to play with our cat (and vice versa), and loves to play with our children. He really is great with everyone, and I feel strongly that is because of the care Sherri places in breeding her dogs! Cami Daley ***

I would highly recommend adopting a Boston from Brett's Painted Boston's. "Izzy" became a member of our family, just before Christmas 2017. Sherri made the process pleasant and kept us updated on Izzy's progress, with pictures and texts, while waiting for her to be old enough for adoption. After adoption, Sherri has continued to be helpful with an open line of communication with regards to Izzy. Being experienced owners of a past Boston Terrier, we are very happy with the quality of breeding that is apparent in Izzy's stature, coloring, and health. She is a happy, healthy, active, and intelligent little 13lb girl ,at 5 months. Nanette Hembree


I cannot say enough good things about working with Sherri Brett and her Painted Boston Terriers. We were nervous about not meeting our dog before pick up but Sherri’s ability to listen to our needs, know her puppies, and pick accordingly were spot on.Chase, now about 2.5 years, has been an absolute delight. She is healthy, joyful, and perfectly suited to apartment living. She makes everyone at the dog park smile as she gleefully runs up to them to say ‘Hello!!!!!!!’, her little turkey legs flying behind her in her dust, and she makes them laugh out loud when she falls on her back in a submissive pose when a new dog friend wants to meet her. She swims, climbs mountains, and enjoys dog pack play.Stash, our 14-year-old Boston Terrier, passed away in late 2017. She and Chase became fast friends day one. They played together until the very end and Chase cuddled Stash until we told her to say goodbye. Chase was devastated but recovered. We know where to go when Chase needs a new pal.Chase can, like many of her kin, clear a room with her gas and expressively tell me that it’s time to play and that work today is not an option. She cuddles with enthusiasm and we could not be more in love with our dear dogter.Our many thanks to Sherri Brett who continues to thoughtfully and carefully maintain Breed Standard and love those doggies more than they know. We are forever grateful. Tess, John, & Chase. P.S. If you get the chance to visit Sherri on her farm, take it. It's like BT Mecca. Tess Hallihan ***

After losing my 1st Boston last year, I was heart-broken. I had gotten her from a “backyard breeder,” and she had a host of physical problems. I used to joke that she was my “twenty-thousand dollar dog.” I loved her dearly, but unfortunately lost her too soon. After that heartbreak, I was determined to never make that mistake again. After my initial grieving period, I started doing extensive research on Boston Terrier Breeders. I live in California, and was hoping that I could find someone within driving distance that met my new-found standards, but to no avail...after widening my search, I found Brett’s Painted Bostons in Indiana. Well I’d heard about all the “puppy-mills” in Indiana, Ohio and Missouri and was absolutely opposed to supporting any enterprise like that! I started communicating with Sherri and doing my research on Brett’s Painted Bostons and as I learned more and more, I knew in my heart that this was where I was going to find my new love. I have to admit, I was probably a pain in the rear, with all of my texts, emails etc, to Sherri, but she was always kind, patient and responsive to any inquiries I had. I was on a waiting list for quite some time, but when she finally sent me a picture of little Cosmo at 10 days old, I knew she was the one. So I flew all the way to Indianapolis to get a puppy. All of my friends and family thought I was crazy...until they saw this beautiful little girl. Sherri met me at the airport, holding the sweetest little baby that I had ever seen. Tears welled up in my eyes as she handed her to heart was full again! Little Cosmo made the long flight home like a champ! Truth be told, I was quite nervous about how she was going to handle it, but she was great! I’ve had her home for 3 days now, and I am blown away by how smart, sweet and well-adjusted she is at only 8 weeks old. I’m hesitant to tell you this, but she’s already house-broken! I don’t want any of you reading this to think that you should expect this, but man, I am blown away! She fetches already too...I think I have a doggie-genius on my hands! Anyway, I can’t express enough gratitude to Sherri for giving me Cosmo. I couldn’t have made a better, more educated choice in getting my puppy from Brett’s Painted Bostons.

Shannon Bohte


I highly recommend Sherri’s painted Boston terriers. I love Sherri’s website it’s informative and she lets you know exactly what she expects of new owners. And all the tips for taking care of your dog and many other things. She is also available by phone or texts. She was so helpful with all my questions. I love that she is a responsible breeder and only breeds according to the breeding standards. I also appreciate that she wants to meet you in person to deliver your puppy to you. You know that you are getting a high quality and healthy puppy. I love my girl Darby she has the best personality and is so sweet. She has brought so much love and laughter into our home. I can’t thank Sherri enough. And yes I would not hesitate to get another puppy from Sherri and even a adult dog. Sincerely Melanie Thorp ***

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