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Litters and Puppies

Our Litters

***PUPPIES coming SOON***


Puppies are in the works!!!  Get your Application/Deposit in to be in line to pick!!!  Puppies are chosen around 5-6 wks of age and go home at 8 wks. New Puppies are posted on the Puppies Gallery first.  After they are chosen around wks 5-6 of age, then their names and photos are posted in the Our Gallery.



Latest News

Updated on 11/16/23

Current Breedings

Our Breedings

*These dates are just projected- nature has it's own mind - Deliveries will be posted when they happen.

  •  GChB Sired Charlotte x Aslan (Breeding did not take)


***Breeder retains the right of first pick of any litter***

***Due To Cycle Sometime Soon*** (nature isn't always on time)

  • Ch Sired Oakley x  ??

  • Ch Sired Jade x CH Cooper

Planned- In The Future Breedings  (but nature will ultimately decide cycling dates)

  • Ch Sired Dakota

*** Choices of planned sires could change when the time comes for breeding.***

***We DO NOT Offer Full - Breeding- Registry AKC -Only in specific situations - ALL puppies are adopted on a Spay/Neuter Agreement!!!   NO Refunds on Deposits, but deposit is transferrable.***

Recently Adopted


(Puppies are picked in order of deposit received- after application is approved.)


Puppies are picked at 5-6 weeks old. Show prospect puppies vary depending on evaluation time.

Puppies Gallery

Current Litters Gallery
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