Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

These are the most recent Painted Puppy adoptions. Puppies can leave for their new homes at 8 wks of age.
Page updated on June 5, 2020

Puppies are picked by their new families when they are  4 - 5  weeks old. (in most cases)

Puppies will be picked around 4-5 wks of age

GChB Sired Elle x GChP Sired Apollo

Can leave June 25-27 @ 8 wks.

DOB 4/30/2020

2M  3F

M1 - Edsel, Adopted by  Chuck M., MA, now "Truman" (2nd PB puppy)

M2 - Easton, Adopted by


F1 - Edith, Adopted by John/Debbie, IN, now "Pola"

F2 - Elsie, Adopted by Barbara M., IL, now "Penny"

F3 - Esme, Adopted by Ewelina P.R. in Poland  (Breeder trade)


GCh Sired Bunny x GCHB Ranger

Can leave June 27 @ 8 wks

DOB 5/4/2020

3M 1F

M1 - Beau, Adopted by Madeleine M., MA, now "Kodak"
M2 - Bubba, Adopted by Catherine R., IN, now "Sherman"
M3 - Baxter, Adopted by Tonja C., IN, now "Louie"

F - Bella, Adopted by Diana H., OH, now "Bertie"



Nikita x Ch Sired Franklin

Can leave July 10-11 @ 8 wks

DOB 5/15/2020

2M 1F

M1 - Newman, Adopted by

M2 - Nash, Adopted by Jammie H., IL, now "Rocky"

F - Nadine, Adopted by Alex/Alexis B., IL, now "


GChB Sired Holly x GCH Rockwell

Can leave July 11 @ 8 wks

DOB 5/18/2020

3M 3F

M1 - Hayden - Adopted by Janet R., IL, now "Winnie" (Winston)

M2 - Harlen - Adopted by Ron K., IN, now "Ollie" (Oliver)       

(2nd Painted Boston, Co-Owned)

M3 - Holden - Adopted by 

F1 - Haven - Staying at Painted

F2 - Harper - Adopted by Patricia L., MD, now " Sammie"

F3 - Harlee - Possibly staying


If you cannot drive all way to my home, I can meet you part way - up to 2 hours out one way for travel/gas fee, with your precious puppy!

Tilly was recently voted #3 Cutest Dog on Capital Hill!!! (2017)

GCH CH Sired Panda x GCH CH Rockwell female, Pixie- now Matilda aka  "Tilly" went to her new home in Arlington VA- Aaron Rock and Lexie Hosier. Lexie works for NC US Senator Thom Tillis.

Senator Tillis took Tilly to the Capitol on Tues. 1/24- He named her the official office Mascot. She met a lot of Senators, staff and many others- and was a hit on Capitol Hill and with the Capitol Press. 


Included in each puppy's Folder is-

-the Health information history pamphlet,
-a brochure that shows you how to register that chip in your names, phone numbers and address,
-a copy of your Health Agreement contract, 
-my contact information for a lifetime 24/7.

You will also get a Goodie bag-
-baby blanket with litter mate smell on it,
-sample bag of food,
-new collar,
-brushing chew bone.

There is an x-pen "set-up" on my website at bottom of the Litters Due page, as well as other examples of containment, for when you are busy or gone from home awhile.


 ALL PUPPIES HAVE DEPOSITS PLACED ON THEM- just waiting till they are old enough to go to their new homes.

Every time my puppies leave for their forever homes, a part of me goes with them. As I check in with each new home, answer questions and help them make the transition and adjustment, I feel relief as the puppies and their new families settle into a life together. To all the pet owners out there who search and select a pure bred dog from a responsible breeder, I thank you for loving the labor of love we do and wanting to share our living passion of art in your life. We pass up many homes to find you as we know you will be part of our Painted fur family for many years. XOXO

(***See below puppy section for a great puppy set up)

 **** Videos of puppies on the Video page!! ****


 BELOW is a GREAT INDOOR PUPPY SET UP!!! Just x-pens put together with piping to hold a shape.  x-pens are reasonable $ on eBay.


 Below are puppies enjoying playing outside- there is also a cover you can get to go over the top - I use a sheet with clothes pins sometimes.