Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

UPDATED  on December 13, 2022

Theo - son of Piper and Franklin, born 5-5-2019

Archie - son of Kricket and Aslan, born 3-12-2021

Pups loved by Samantha & Nick, IL

This is Summer- daughter of Holly x Franklin. Born 2-13-19. 

She's an outstanding girl and positively beautiful!!!

Thank you Sandra C., CT, for the pictures you send !!! We love them!

This is Ernie. He is son of Elle & GCH Rockwell. Born 5-3-2019.

Ernie owns Aimee & Duane S. in MI.

This is Scout at 6 mo - She's the daughter of Sunni x Apollo. She's incredibly beautiful !!!               

She has graduated puppy class and starts intermediate classes soon. The trainer said some of her tricks are considered advanced. She's SO smart.  By the end of 8 treat pieces she will have learned a new trick. On command she sits, lies down, spins, gives paw, high fives and says woof! She can sit and do down by hand signals.

Scout's momma Carla is so proud of this little girl!!!
Matilda, aka "Tilly", daughter of GCH Sired Panda x GCH CH Rockwell -Tilly was adopted by Aaron and Lexie in Arlington, VA.                            Momma Lexie works for NC US Senator Thom Tillis and Tilly's a big hit on Capitol Hill.

This is Spock - Son of Derby x CH Buzz, born Jan 19, 2016  

(He is litter mate of our retired Daisy and Derby)

Spock proudly owns Nancy A. & family of IN.

Meet Lincoln- son of Derby x Apollo. Born October 2, 2019.

He is litter mate to our Lucy & Luna.

Lincoln is loved by Susan B of Indiana.

 Below is Olive - daughter of Calleigh x Apollo - loved by Joanna and family!!


Below is Theo, son of Angel x Apollo - adored by Alex with Andrew!!!


This is Quincy. He is from Derby x Apollo, 12-22-18.  A real handsome, loving boy!!

Owned and loved by the Chuck Medeiros family in Acushnet, MA.  

Quincy is about to get a new brother- a true half brother!!

Really appreciate these special fur Painted families!!! 

Tillie!!  Daughter of Abby x CH Buzz, born Nov 1, 2017. 

Loved by Mike and Karen Z of WI

Eli, daughter of Jasmine x Apollo. Born Sept 21, 2016

Spoiled by Lennie T.

Muchacho, son of Raven and Aslan.

Born on April 23, 2021.

He runs the home and hearts of Ryan and Ashley B. in KY.

First son of GCH CH Rockwell and Gucci !!  Bleu is the proud owner of Don L. of Indianapolis Indiana!!!   Love this boy!!!

   Formerly Rico, now Bleu-- He has had the strutting attitude from the start...and the looks to go with it!!  He is GORGEOUS!!! 


 Below is Rocco, son of Ch Shadowlake's The Eagle Has Landed, aka Buzz X Gucci.  Thanks to Mary and family for taking the best of care of him....he is a lucky boy!!! 




   Below, is Bizcuit , son of GCH ROCKWELL &

 GCHB Sired GIDGET     - loved by Denise G.                                                                                                                                                       


Below is Walter, son of GCh Sired KRICKET x Ch Sired ASLAN

Adored by Corinne T.



Rochester, son of GCh Ch Eviedobee Painted Rocky Road, aka Rockwell X Ch Sired Chloe -  what a lovely boy- a superb mix of his parents!!  Thank you Jon and Jackie for taking such wonderful care of him!!!


Below is Piper, daughter of Ch Buzz and GCH Sired Charm. Piper is the Puppy-love of Pat's life and current show girl!! Thank you Pat!!  She's now an AKC Champion!!!!


Spirit, daughter of Aspen and Reggie...what a lovely princess!!  Thanks Momma Ginny and Papa Ken for all the love you give to Spirit!  She's just PERFECT!  One of the finest little girls!!!

 BELOW:  2nd daughter of Aspen and Reggie, Lily-littermate to Spirit, very much loved by Linda and family.

 Below is Molly, out of Ch Buzz x Candy,  loved and spoiled by the Ryan family




  Below - is Coco Dottie Chanel that is loved and adored by Chelsea and family!




 BELOW is Anja, Ch Buzz x Prada, 1yo -cherished by Joyce & family.




Below is a son of Candy x Quincy, "Dexter",  loved by Jodi and Brad.

 Below is Jasper and Leo who are the proud owners of Ryan and Stephanie !!  Jasper is out of Candy x Ch Manny, and Leo is out Bubbles and Ch Blake -Leo is full brother to my Luke from EQ Bostons.



  Below is Oliver, Whisper x Reggie -  Oliver is the fur child of Sara and Alex!!!


BELOW is Whisper x Ch Buzz, male, Capone, with his family, Lisa and Chuck!  He has fit right into to their home!!


Afina x Reggie daughter, Sophie at 1yo 13# - Thanks Josh!! What a fantastic looking girl!!


 Below is the daughter of Storm x CH Buzz, Olive, who is adored by the Michael family in KY


Barley (Molly x Reggie) is the little prince in Ben's life!!!  Great boy, Ben!!


Below is a Whisper x Reggie son, Baxter!!  Thanks Dane and Kassie!!  He is such a cutie!
               Above right is Baxter all grown up and his buddy Bailey.



This is Sadie and Sophie, littermates, from Fancy x Reggie. They are both queens of the Ray and Kathy home.

                                                             Hello Sherri,
We're celebrating Sophie and Sadie's birthday today and thought you would
like to see some recent pictures of them. They have been very healthy and
frisky puppies. They are constant companions to each other and love to
chase each other all over the place. We installed an invisible fence so
they can run outside and play whenever they wish.
Their fur is very nice and thick. The white is so shiny it almost looks
silvery in the sunlight. They still take their NuVet vitamins every day.
Sadie weighs 19 lbs. and Sophie 20 lbs.  
 So just wanted to let you know that your fur babies are doing very well.


Sierra x Rookie  June 2010

   Kiwi's littermate....what a doll she is!!  Zoe looks fantastic - resembles both Kiwi and her half sibling, Tessa, born in June 2011Thank you Rachel and Andrew for all the love you have given this little princess!!

Sierra x Reggie  June 2011

  This is PERCY,  and he is a very active and important member of the Coleman family!!  I want to thank them for loving and caring for Percy in the great way that they have and continue to do!!! What a handsome boy!!