Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

When the babies are picked/adopted in 4 - 6 weeks, you will find their information on the Recently Adopted page.  

All babies are adopted from families on the Deposit List.    Newborn pictures and information below.

The hand of a breeder ...

The hand of a breeder is the hand that calms the dog during childbirth ...
It is the hand that caresses her belly to calm her during contractions ...
A breeder's hand is the hand that makes the path free to let the pups be born easier ...
It is the hand that does not tremble and is under the blood to help a puppy in trouble.
A breeder's hand is the hand that breaks the puppies' bag if it is not broken after birth ...
It is the hand that helps rub and clean the puppies and help their breathing.
A breeder's hand is the one that tries to revive a puppy, but sometimes he has to give up when there is no heartbeat.
The hand of a breeder is the hand that cut the umbilical cord when the mother does not ...
In addition, the hand of the breeder is the one that weighs the puppy every day to see if everything goes well.
A breeder's hand is the hand that puts a puppy away closer to the mother while the mother looks at you full of confidence ...
The hand that rubs the chest, so that breast milk is activated ...
A breeder's hand is the one that rubs on his eyes and fights fatigue and sleeps after days without falling asleep.
It is the hand that gives milk bottles day and night when there is very little yield.
A breeder's hand is the one that brings the lost puppy back to the mother, the one who plays with the puppy to socialize, the one who teaches the puppy to switch to solid nutrition.
The hand of a breeder is the hand that takes care of the little ones when it does not go well with them
The hand of a breeder is the hand you have entrusted to your future puppy in the hope that it will go well.
The hand of a breeder is the hand that is ready day and night to answer all your questions if you have any questions about anything.
For all these and many other things, the next time you shake a breeder's hand, think of everything that hand has done with love.,

The text is not mine, but it is so beautiful that I had to share it ..

Via: Iael Mirkin Gómez
Image via: Huskytopia

Updated May 16, 2023




Their information will be moved to the Recently Adopted page after picking.

NO Puppies on this page are available to anyone but families on the current DEPOSIT LIST.

Puppies will be chosen around 5 wks of age--

GCh Sired Kricket x  CH Cooper

Born on April 28, 2023

(Holding for evaluation)

1 F

8.2 oz

Nila x Ch Sired Franklin

Born April 5, 2023
1 M  1 F

8.7 - 9.3 oz

GCHB Sired Gidget x CH Cooper

Born April 4, 2023

2 M  

10 oz - 9.4 oz

Puppies will be chosen at 5 wks of age- leaving at 8 weeks

Ch Sired Oakley x Ch sired Aslan

DOB  5/10/23

3 F,  1 M

Ch Dam'd Twink x CH Maverick

DOB  5/16/23


4M  2F

Video clip of the 2/15/21 Luna x GCHB Ranger c-section performed by Dr John Royal


“The hardest part of breeding isn't the lack of sleep, the constant worry during pregnancy and then in those first few hours, days or weeks. It's not the time put into cleaning, socializing, evaluating temperaments or finding good homes. The hardest part is the last hug and kiss you have to give them when you tell them they are the best puppy before you send them off on their new adventure. Do they know you love them? Do they know you chose the very very best home you could for them where they would be loved and have fun? Do they forgive you for not keeping them? No matter how much you know that puppy will be loved and cared for in its new home, it breaks your heart a little every time one of them has to leave.

So, for those who ask a breeder "how can you let them go?" Or "don't you cry when they leave?" the answer is yes, I've cried every time a puppy leaves. I raise puppies because I love it. I do it because I want my breeds to continue and to be healthy, functional, animals with solid conformation and good temperaments. I do it because there ARE great homes looking for great dogs and it's not fair to anyone to keep them all here (much as I'd like to sometimes).

So, the next time you pick up your puppy from their breeder, know what you're really taking is a piece of their heart, and make sure you take the very best care of it."