Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

 My (late) Painted Lady  and Lily  -- The mare behind the name of  "Painted Bostons"...


                                           Painted Lady has been my pride and joy for many years. As of 2021, she is 31 years old. I have had her since she was 4yo. She's my perfect horse and my very special lady, even though I love my others. She has produced several outstanding foals but her 2008 filly, NSSHA Armed and Painted Lily, aka "Lily" is the first one that was patterned just like her...both in spirit and looks!   

UPDATE,  PaintedLady gained her wings on April 12, 2021.

LILY was born on March 2, 2008. She is a red roan sabino just like her mother and such a sweet filly.  WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous is her Gr-sire and she has the tennessee walking horse gait!   


Painted Lady and her last filly, Lily

My beautiful Painted Lady will always have my heart- we have a bond that is so dear. Lily has finally found her life rider- Tommy, my son in law. She is so smooth and is such a good girl. This year (2021) she is 13 years old and her Momma is 31 years old.


LILY and DAZZLE - as of April 2021, Dazzle is 31 years old.  She gained her wings. It was a sad day. 
Lily is an awesome ride for Tommy!

Brumby - QH

Brumby is a wonderful and gorgeous horse!!!  Such a sweet kids horse.  He's a great horse for anyone but he is Mason's.

 First introduction to the regulars....


                SIERRA    Reg, TWHBEA 2004

Sierra is a beautiful golden palomino walking mare. She's very smart and gentle. She has a personality of her own but if you treat her right, it will be compatible with  yours. I fell for her soon as I saw her. Each ride gets better! 

Sierra is a fixture here now!!  Love her!

    APPLE -T

APPLE is 14.1H tall and a roaned appy mare. 14yr old. Very sweet and gentle. 

Apple rides really well for Austin- his upgrade from Star-Pony. 

She was added to the farm on same day as Sierra. 


The newest member of our pack- 

Meet Jake, 16yr old bright sorrel gelding w/ chrome. Very sweet, very solid and stocky!!  

He is Ashley's ride. He came here, only 3 days after Sierra & Apple.

In Special Memory of an awesome horse, PETEY 

 Petey and his best horsey friend, Painted Lady.   Petey crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year, 2015  - due to complications of EPM disease. He was only 25yo.  We'd had him since August of 1994. What a winner he was for Ashley in 4H!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grand Champion in both Pleasure and Gaming. Gaming was his thing- he loved Ashley to no end. He will always be missed here at the Brett Farm.   Photo taken June 2015.  

UPDATE- Painted Lady gained her wings to be with Petey on April 12, 2021

Below-   Petey was buried on the hill above the house- a hill he had raced up many times and grazed on as well.  He is always in our hearts. This is now known as Petey's Hill. (We have some wonderful canine family buried on this hillside- woods line as well)


                                Petey  -   September 1990 - June 30, 2015

                              Painted Lady - April 21, 1990 - April 12, 2021




IN MEMORY OF SECRET- Laid to Rest on          NOVEMBER 3, 2017. 

Forever in our hearts !  She and Petey can race around the Rainbow Bridge together waiting on all of us. 

We received word that Painted Lady's first filly was laid to rest this fall (2016) due to health complications. She was 20 years old. Sparkle was an amazing girl!  She had accomplished many things and brought home many ribbons for her rider!!!! 

RIP sweet Sparkle.