Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

                                                                             Page updated on November 28, 2022

Below are lists of deposits placed on future puppies.  All parent Boston Terrier pictures are on the website.  They have all been Health Tested prior to breeding!  

*** Member of the Boston Terrier Club of America ***

*** Breeder of Merit ***

Those on the Deposit List Will get a puppy when puppies are available and it is their turn - I go down the list in order of deposit received/sex desired/sex available.  (Application has to be submitted and approved before adopting a puppy.)  

If there would happen to be puppies available and no more names on the Deposit List, then I would go to the No Obligation list before posting any puppy available on the Puppies Available page. 

$350 Non refundable for PET puppies

(*can transfer to different litter up to 1 yr)

Pet puppies $2500  + $30 Microchip Fee - All puppies are sold on Spay/Neuter agreement.

            Deposits $350                                                                 

Show pet 

  1. Jenny B., F, TN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (1st list to pick)


When I contact you via the provided email or cell phone number about a puppy, please respond promptly.  If I don't hear from you soon, I will have to move on, as the families after you are eagerly waiting.  


                                                                                               Show list picks first

Some names have far past deposit dates- this is due to them passing or asking to go on the In The Future List when it was their turn to pick due to a life or family situation at that time. Then when they were ready, they asked to be back on the Active List.


  David  S. - E (10/19/2020), CA  (No response to contact 4/24/22) 

  Andrea G. - E (2/13/2021), IN (No response to contact 5/12/22)

  Melissa P*. - M (3/29/21), IN  (No response to contact 5/13/22)

1.  Stacie D. - F (6/14/21), NY

2.  Margaret D. - F (9/4/21), IL (Feb/Mar 2023)

3  Christine P. - M (12/3/21), IN  

4.  Renee J. - F (12/10/21), PA 

5.  Michael T. - F (2/18/22), VA

6.  Atoosa N. - F (3/10/22), IL

7.  Gloria D. - M (3/11/22), IL  (2nd Painted puppy)

8.  Kristi L. - M (4/11/22), NY

9.  Lindsey P. - E (4/11/22), OH  (2nd Painted puppy)

10.  Susan B. - M (4/14/22), IL

11.  Sam M. - M (4/27/22), IN  (2nd Painted puppy)

12.  Tina P. - F (5/23/22), WI  (2nd Painted puppy)

13.  Joann F. - M (6/21/22), MD

14.  Dyla T. - M (7/26/22), IL

15.  Jody R. - F (8/2/22), WI   (summer 2023)

16.  Erin H. - M (8/18/22), OH   (2nd Painted puppy)

17.  Anne K. - M (8/24/22), KY   (2nd Painted puppy)

18.  Patricia W. - E (9/2/22), OH

19.  Shaina H., E (9/3/22), IA

20.  Lee Ann P., E (9/20/22), IN

21.  Emma C., E (10/27/22), IN

22.  Jen B., M (11/18/22), IL  (2nd Painted puppy)

23.  Tim B., F (11/28/22), ID  (2nd Painted puppy)

(When families have been on regular list, then life happened to changed their current plans-
You will need to let me know in advance)

When you are ready to move to the active list- please let me know in advance...

1.  Cara T. - F (9/24/20), MI

2.  Brian B. - M (11/2/20), IN

3. Nancy R. - F (4/15/21), NC

4.  Jill M. - F (4/16/21), MN

5.  Ginny M. - F (5/10/21), DE

6.  Karen C. - F  (7/27/21), NJ  (3rd Painted puppy- for later on)


 7. Lesley C. - E  (8/14/21), OR 

 8. Joy O. - F (10/28/21), NY  (2nd Painted puppy)


1.  Michelle C., (brindle adult) (2nd Painted Boston)

2.  James Z., NY

ADULTS are all health tested, use to being around other adults, puppies, people, kids, larger dogs (GS) and are house trained.  They will be spayed/neutered at buyer expense before leaving. 

ADULTS adoption costs are $700- $1000  and adopters are responsible for cost of spay/neuter. Deposit is $350.

*****If you are too far away to drive, I may be able to meet you 1-2 hours out (for gas fee).  I'd may be able to fly your puppy to you in cabin to your airport- hand deliver (for$$ fee + my ticket) OR meet you at my airport for a face to face meeting with your puppy before you fly him/her back with you.

I've done this many times.

***** UPDATE- Due to Covid, pick up is outside my home by front yard fence. I will have the Puppy parents in front fence for you to view.

Thank you.

PUPPIES CAN LEAVE FOR THEIR NEW HOMES WHEN THEY ARE   8 WEEKS OF AGE.  **Puppies are expected to be picked up (or meet to get him/her)  by 8 wk's of age--

**If we keep your puppy longer than 8 wks of age extra fees of $10 per day  will apply.