Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

Springfield, IL,  Sandemac Kennel Club, Inc

 Saturday, October 22, 2011


 Luke won WD for 1 point -- he only needs 3 points to finish his Championship!!

 Ch Rockwell  won  BOB  for a 5 point Major-- he only needs 5 points to finish his GrCh !!! 

 Thank you !!! Judge E. B. Weiss !!!



Springfield, IL,  Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc

 Friday, October 21, 2011

Luke won WD and BOW for 2 points towards his Championship. (professional picture coming soon)

Ch Rockwell  won  BOB  for a 5 point Major towards his Grand Championship !!!


 Thank you !!! Judge Arlie D. Hussin !!!