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Buying a puppy from Sherri is a 5 star experience.  Her website is filled with informative, useful, and interesting information about Boston terriers and dogs in general.  We adopted our little male puppy at 8 weeks of age.  He is a beautiful, healthy, well socialized little guy who has a great temperament and is full of energy.   He is very smart and so eager to learn. He gets along fine with our other dog and is a joy to have in our family.  Sherri is very professional, answered all our questions, sent photos and video updates of the puppy's development and is a pleasure to do business with.  She even gave us a puppy gift bag filled with goodies for our new baby.
She is very careful about screening her potential buyers so that her puppies get good, forever homes.  I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Sherri to have many years of love and joy with your " best friend."
Sally H

Sally and Mr. Tibbs

Molly Mae and Kacy Kay are the center of our family life, and we can't image it any other way. Kacy has stolen Kenny's heart and I am so glad! Molly loves to play and catch toys in the air,Kacy chases Molly or sits on a lap to watch Molly. Kacy is kind of a lap dog and I love it, she can't get close enough to me at night, can you tell I love my Painted Girls?

The Haymakers

Stella is pure Joy! Her personality is perfect. She is the 1st Boston I have had that likes to DIG so much. She digs in the couch, she cries to get in the Garden with me to Dig in the Dirt!!! Don't remember our other Boston to be so obsessed with Digging! Very cute when she is not up to her elbows in mud. When she is she gets popped in the shower! or in her baby pool. I will have to send you a video of her scooping up water with her mouth. Like a pelican. HA HA Can't wait to take her to the Lake to see her swim. She will be a natural with those big Apollo feet.
She is a Social Butterfly too. I take care of Friends dogs and she loves playing with them!!!
Love her to the Moon & Back! Thank you so much. I have recommended you to several people looking for Bostons. I told them there is a waiting list and approval process.
P.S. Bought her one of those "Loving Bowls" for Brac dogs. She really likes it!
Jeannine, Stella, & Zipper

We drove over 2200 miles round-trip from Portsmouth, NH to Shoals, Indiana to pick up our beautiful new Boston Terrier, Suzie. 

We lost our beloved Boston, Rocky on Labor Day, 2016, early in his 12th year. He had physical problems throughout his life and it took effort. love and resources to get him through a decent life. 

We did our research and decided to opt for the best breeder in the country, Sherri Brett. We spent a couple of hours on her farm in Indiana and finally had to tear ourselves away from her loving family of Bostons . Suzie is a handful as a puppy, but we have her in puppy training now and she is learning as are we. She is breath-takingly beautiful , healthy, smart and lovable. She weighed 5.7 pounds when we adopted her and is slightly over ten pounds now. She has yet to see an object that doesn't go into her mouth. We are stopped all the time by strangers who are taken by her beautiful face and markings, the hallmark of her championship blood-line. We are delighted with our new "daughter" and will only deal with Sherri for our future Boston Terriers....Mark and Julie Geller

Our new puppy, Lucy, is a beautiful ball of joy and energy. When we picked her up at Sherri's farm, we could tell right away how much Sherri loves and cares for her Bostons. Lucy already knew her name and was quite comfortable around people and pets. Lucy is our second Boston. We can really see the positive difference in Painted Boston's quality of care. We highly recommend Sherri Brett's Painted Bostons!  Amy & Matt

Hi Sherri
I hope all is well. Well it's hard to believe Baxter (Perry) is almost 9 months old! We have been so blessed to have such an amazing little guy come into our lives! Baxter is extremely well-mannered, intelligent, a fast learner, and loves children. This little guy has the run of the house, with several comfy beds everywhere. He especially enjoys stealing my fuzzy throw blankets!
You have a knack for raising some amazing Boston Terriers!  Thank you again for Baxter! We love him and please know he is extremely well loved and taken care of. 
Best Regards, 
Xochitl J
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience when adopting Cosmo. Sherri kept us informed and updated throughout the entire process as well as sent videos and pictures of our baby. The veterinarian immediately knew that Cosmo came from a great breeder and bloodline and said he was as healthy as a Boston Terrier can be :) Cosmo is the sweetest puppy with a great temperament and he just loves to be loved on. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy or a better breeder. Sherri is dedicated to producing healthy puppies and it shows. We are so happy to be apart of the Painted Family!

Thanks Sherri! 
The Coleman Family 

Fenway was officially ours on July 17th.  It was a fun greeting arriving at Brett's Painted Bostons. 
There was a group of adults and youngsters, who all ran for the fence looking for some attention. Happy, healthy Bostons. 
Fenway and his friends were in the house.  Fenway greeted me with tons of kisses.  Fenway is my fourth Boston.  The last Boston, PeTe, was a puppy mill guy.  I had no idea until we got there.  We could not leave him there, so he came home with me.  PeTe did not have the wonderful introduction to life that Fenway was blessed to have with Sherri. 
Fenway and his buddies had adult Bostons, youngster Bostons, baby Bostons, adult people and children to hang out with and learn from.  Fenway was showered with love and caring.  It is obvious, even at his young age, the care that has been taken. 
After PeTe, I took care to search out a breeder.  Sherri had every single qualification listed for a Boston breeder.  From my first contact, she was friendly and helpful.  Throughout my wait, she would answer my questions promptly.  She never disappointed.  I feel that Fenway will grow into a terrific companion.  I am more than happy and pleased with my little guy.  I know Sherri is a person who will always be there for every single puppy that has been lucky enough to start life at Brett's Painted Boston Terriers.
Sandra S.
Working with Sherri has been a completely wonderful experience. After the loss of our previous Boston we knew that we'd want 
to share our home with another Boston, and our search for finding a responsible and responsive breeder led us right to Brett's Painted Bostons. 
Throughout the entire process of our initial inquiry, to our application, and then to being matched with a puppy and bringing her home, Sherri has been incredibly communicative. She answers any questions and provides great support. Additionally, I loved being able to see all of the updates, photos, and videos that she posts to her website and Facebook account. Aside from just being fun to see it gives you a great sense of her Boston family and their personalities. Plus, once we were matched with our sweet little Franny we got pictures and videos sent via email and texts on several occasions until it was time to finally meet her in person. 
If you have the opportunity and ability, being able to pick up in Shoals is a real treat. Not only is the area around Shoals beautiful, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet both Sassy and Rockwell (Franny's mom & dad).
By seeing Sherri interact with all of the dogs - both the adults and puppies - it is plain to see just how dedicated Sherri is to her dogs and the work that she is doing. 
Sherri gave us lots of suggestions to ensure that our 7 hour drive home with Franny was safe and a pleasant experience for all of us. At our initial vet visit our vet noted how healthy she is, and all of the techs in the office came to 'ooo and ahh' over her. Franny is an incredibly sweet puppy with moxie - she knows how cute she is and knows how to work it to her advantage!
I can't thank Sherri enough for our little girl and I am so pleased to be a part of the Painted Bostons family! Sherri cares deeply about her dogs, puppies, and the families she adopts to. I am sure that one day I will appear on the deposit list again with '2nd Painted Bostons puppy' noted after my name. 
Kristine Nabilcy - Madison, WI
And of course I had to include some more Franny pictures too 😊
Have a wonderful day, and keep snuggling that last little puppy before Friday!