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Where Your Dreams Become Fur-Real!

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Please COPY AND PASTE this into an email, and answer each question, then email it to me.  [email protected] 

AFTER SUBMISSION OF THIS APPLICATION TO MY EMAIL, I WILL REVIEW IT AND GET BACK WITH YOU WITH MY REVIEW.              Please do not send deposit without me sending the PayPal request or knowing of check deposit being sent.  Thank you.


What is your full name?

Your Spouse or Significant Other's name (if applicable)?

What is/are your career(s) - employment(s)? 

Your full Address, City and State?

Home phone?

Cell phone?

What is your email address?

 Do you have children? If yes, their ages?

If yes, have you taught your children to be respectful and kind to animals?

What made you choose a Boston Terrier?

Where did you hear about Painted Bostons?

 Have you read information concerning Boston Terriers?

Have you completely read my Health Contract/Guarantee and agree to it and provide your new puppy with Nuvet for his/her optimum health?

On puppy(ies) sold for PET  -- NO show/breeding -- do you agree to send Veterinary proof of spay/neuter (with microchip scanned by vet) by 12 months of age ?

Do you agree to have your puppy Microchipped for his/her safety prior to his/her going to his/her new home?  I do this for $30 and it is required for any puppy leaving here.

Do you have other dogs/pets?

 If no, will this be your first dog?

If yes, are they good with other dogs?

Who will be the main caretaker of this Boston?

Where will this puppy sleep? 

Do you realize that puppies must have a lot of sleep when they are very young and must be supervised when with younger children that could accidentally drop/injure and/or over-tire him/her?

How many hours a day will he/she be alone during the day?

While you are away, what type of containment do you plan for your puppy until he/she is house trained and/or older?

Do you have a fenced back yard?

If no, what are your plans for exercise, play and potty?

Do you know you cannot safely take your puppy into public until he/she has completed his/her shots?

Are you looking for:

a Show/Breeding prospect_____

a Pet puppy ______

Retired Adult when available ______

If you are looking for a Show/Breeding prospect puppy- what experience do you have in showing and/or breeding?                            

(Note-  It is a commitment  for any and every puppy but a Show/Breeding puppy is ONLY sold to someone that is committed to follow through on showing the puppy to it's potential and breeding to the AKC Standard.  The puppy will be co-owned with me/Breeder.)

Are you looking for a:

Only a Male ______

Only a Female _____

Either _____

Prefer Male but take Female _____

Prefer Female but take Male  _____


What time frame are you looking to add a puppy to your family?  

Which list would you prefer to be on? 

The No Obligation Notify list _____

Deposit placed - In line to pick when Puppies are available _____

Do you know that we must meet in person for picking up the puppy and the balance due of the puppy will be in cash for him/her?

Are you planning on picking up or will you wish for me to meet you part way, or at my airport  or fly with the puppy to your airport  (fee applies)?


 If puppies are currently available which puppy are you interested in?

 Please list 1-2 references.


May the references be contacted?


Are there any questions you would like to ask -- OR is there anything you would like to add that would be relevant to bringing one of my babies into your home ?


PLEASE - Realize that the decision to adopt a puppy should be thoroughly thought out-  it is not a decision to take lightly- it is a LIFELONG decision- NOT just a whim, a sweet puppy thought or dream -  weigh the pros and cons to know if the timing is right and everything - everyone is ready for the obligation and responsibility!!

However, if anything should EVER come up,  we always have a Welcome Home policy for our puppies- dogs if a situation changes and you can no longer care for him/her.  

I dearly love my Boston Terriers and my greatest desire and goal is that they go to a home that they will be loved and cared for as they are use to here at Painted. 



Thank you for filling out my application. I will get back to you as soon as possible.