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Painted Bostons is an AKC Registered Boston Terrier name -- home to AKC GCH CH Rockwell, AKC CH Buzz and NEW GRAND CHAMPION Ranger (*Championed in the 6-9 mo puppy classes*)!! NEW CHAMPION Boots and MBISS PGCH Sired Apollo has an impressive pedigree as well!!

All adults are AKC Reg., Microchipped, Males are DNA Certified and all are Health (JHC Clear, BAER/CERF, Patella, Cardiac Normal) and Temperment tested!!!


GCH CH Eviedobee Painted Rocky Road, aka "Rockwell", now has 3 AKC Champion Get - CH Primed N Painted Killing 2 Birds aka "Stone",   GCH CH Bama's - N - Amour's Luvin The Little Man W Painted's aka "Manee" and our own (retired) CH Painted-S Rockin With The Stars, aka "Emmy"!!! He also has 1 GCH CH Grand-daughter, 1 GCH CH Grand-son, 1 CH Grand-daughter and other 'Grands' doing well in the ring!



We are devoted to our Bostons and strive to own (and be owned by), love and breed some of the best Boston Terriers available. We offer you more than just a pet, but a new member of your family of outstanding quality, with complete honesty. There is much going on here at Brett's Painted Bostons, so feel free to browse the pages and see for yourself. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit. If there is anything you want to know that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us anytime.


  • "I honestly have never owned or even met a dog like Mya. In 4 years, I've had not one issue with her behaviorally. She is the most friendly dog I've known. She's great with all s..."
    Susan M
    Still happy!!
  • "Once we became educated on the issues with supporting pet shops, we conducted a heavy online search for a Boston breeder and we could not have been more fortunate than to have f..."
    Victor B.

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Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Painted-S Attention To Detail

 Sire:  CH Shadowlake's The Eagle Has Landed

 Dam:  Royal's Sweet Clover



Painted-S Attention To Detail

Black & White
CH Shadowlake's The Eagle Has Landed
NP209846/03 03-12
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V645947
Ken's Whatever Trips Yr' Trigger
NP135454/01 02-08
Brindle & White
CH Kens Fruit Of The Loom
NP068265/03 08-06
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V454135
CH Ken's This Bud's For Me II
NM540285/01 02-95
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V98309
CH Ken's Just What The Doctor Ordered
NM444900/01 02-94
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V250881
CH Roobarbs Hot To Trot
NM278014/03 01-94
Black Brindle & White
Ken's Fruitopia
NM806337/04 09-03
Black Brindle & White
CH Ken's Sportin' A'Biggen
NM753628/01 01-99
Black Brindle & White
Ken's Broadway Maralynn
NM506870/04 02-96
Black Brindle & White
Ken's Montana
NP020968/01 10-06
Black & White
CH Justamere's Hail To Th' Chief
NM879151/03 01-02
Seal Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V252245
CH Justamere's Rebel With-A Cause
NM782004/02 05-00
Black & White
OFA27E OFEL27 AKC DNA #V130158
CH Justamere's Fortune Renewed
NM691958/01 12-98
Black & White
Ken's Lana
NM769182/01 08-02
Black & White
Kingway Sundancer
NT662496 03-93
Seal Black & White
Ken's Just A Nubbin
NM577743/02 07-97
Black & White
Shadowlake's Haleys Comet
NP114807/02 10-07
Black Brindle & White
CH Al-Mar's You The Man!
NM891533/01 07-03
Seal & White
AKC DNA #V265958
CH Top Shelf Absolut Sherman
NM596317/02 01-97
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V126345
CH Elite High Torque
NM533026/01 03-95
Seal Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V156932
Abacab's Instant Encore
NM530030/01 05-95 (Canada)
Seal Brindle & White
CH Al-Mar's You Go Girl !
NM803033/01 03-01
Black Brindle & White
CH Al-Mar's What About Bob
NM681468/01 12-97
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V128589
Al-Mar's I Am Woman
NM617238/02 12-97
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V236179
Whynot's My Fair Lady
NM924222/04 07-03
Seal Brindle & White
Markas Rowdy Boy Traveler
NM831744/01 11-00
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V189662
Rowdy Boy Butch
NM595219/01 05-97
Black Brindle & White
Markas Amy Ann Demarka
NM663232/03 06-97
Black Brindle & White
Markas Cindy Leah Demarka
NM795962/04 11-00
Black Brindle & White
Markas Frack Frick Of Star
NM736133/02 12-98
Black & White
AKC DNA #V150553
Markas Panda Leah
NM732274/06 12-98
Black Brindle & White
Royal's Sweet Clover
NP252947/04 09-11
Black & White
CH T-Bo's One Man Show
NP031476/04 12-04
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V372529
CH Kennedy's Knoty Solo Act
NM925817/01 01-03
Black & White
AKC DNA #V294322
CH Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy
NM887177/01 03-02
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V233212
CH Kennedy's Piano Man
NM810707/01 05-00
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V76317
Elite Kennedy's Summer Storm
NM829642/02 02-01
Seal Brindle & White
CH Kennedy's Miya
NM810544/01 01-01
Black Brindle & White
CH Kennedy's Jack Of All Trades
NM698762/03 03-98
Black & White
AKC DNA #V33080
Kennedy's Brie
NM631514/01 04-99
Black & White
CH T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell
NP002817/01 10-03
Black Brindle & White
CH Pequoag's Time Keeper For T-Bo
NM889611/01 03-02
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V200668
CH Kennedy's Bravo Play'n For Keeps
NM769496/01 06-99
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V73801
CH Pequoag's Designer Genes
NM671970/01 05-99
Black Brindle & White
CH Flashpoints Jamica Me Krazy
NM879325/06 06-02
Black & White
CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray
NM816494/03 07-00
Seal Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V84429
Flashpoint Southern Comfort By T-Bo
NM818205/04 12-00
Black Brindle & White
Bama's Hurricane Creek Ms Lacey
NP207772/02 05-10
Seal Brindle & White
Bama's Tuff - Stuff Levi
NP106681/08 03-07
Black Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V412134
CH Truharts Goin' For Grace
NM854996/01 08-01
Black & White
AKC DNA #V235304
Truhart Scooby's Gabe
NM788481/05 04-00
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V192426
Madd Hatter's Tea-N-Crumpets
NM723204/02 04-99
Black Brindle & White
R And S's Tieara
NM762289/05 06-02
Black Brindle & White
Snyders Second Chance
NM555760/05 04-96
Black & White
Lizzie Abigail Page
NM541561/03 09-95
Black & White
Bama's Sweet Say-Dee
NP127036/01 07-07
Black Brindle & White
Woody Bang Bang Soprano
NP060562/02 07-05
Black & White
AKC DNA #V381802
Whitebuffalo's Kiko
NP016305/01 08-04
Seal & White
Buffie Joe Depew
NM823865/03 08-04
Black & White
Rick's Little Judy
NM862616/04 12-01
Black & White
Warrens Trouble
NM563758/05 02-00
Black & White
AKC DNA #V115591
McGinnis' Shorty Britches
NM679711/04 06-00
Black & White