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Quotes My husband and I have had multiple Boston Terriers and knew we were ready for another. We researched breeders all over the country and came across Sherri's website. It was immediately apparent that she was in a class of her own among BT breeders. I had many interactions with Sherri over the months of waiting for my Boston baby to be born and then received frequent updates from her until our puppy was ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. Communicating with Sherri over the phone or email was very easy as she is extremely responsive. For Sherri, breeding Bostons's is not just a hobby, it is a huge focus and priority in her life! She truly does love our babies as much as we do and there is nothing that she wouldn't do for any of them. Piper might have been the first Boston Terrier that we have received from Sherri but she certainly won't be the last!! Thank you, Sherri!! Quotes
Karl and Melissa Bowman
The missing puzzle piece to our family has been found...

Quotes What a wonderful experience we had with Sherri Brett! We brought home two bundles of pure joy-Sunrise and Cupcake, two little baby girls who are a bundle of energy. They were born two days apart and they are so much fun to watch play and interact with each other. They play together and sleep next to each other. They are a delight to have in our home. Sherri is so helpful with any questions or concerns you have regarding their care. She goes above and beyond emailing, sending pictures and videos of the puppies and welcomes updates on the puppies once you take them home. Our vet posted pictures on his Facebook of our baby girls and commented they were fine puppies. We got a multitude of likes!!! I am not sure how Sherri handles al the responsibilities she has, but she does a fantastic job raising quality Bostons. We are happy with her standard of care and the process you complete to be chosen to take one of her babies home. God Bless Sherri for all she does and her efforts. Quotes
John Wade
Love our Bostons

Quotes After my 11 year old Boston had to be put to sleep I realized that I needed a new Boston Buddy and began my search. Sherri was the ONLY ONE to respond to me more than twice. And her quick and responsive replies never quit. I came to find what a superior breeding program Sherri has and how each of her litters were so carefully planned. Besides her multiple wins and champions in the ring, her puppies offered were and are top of the line. Sherri's meticulous health screenings assured me that I wasn't going to find a healthier Boston anywhere else. And with all the love a breeder can have for her puppies, she personally flew my little boy all the way to me in Ft. Lauderdale! She's wonderful and the pup she provided me with is wonderful. I am so thankful to Sherri. Quotes
Mark Jerome
Greatful Boston Puppy Parent

Quotes Almost anyone can breed purebred AKC dogs. But that does not mean your new puppy was bred ethically. Sherri Brett is an ethical breeder and more. It is rare to find a woman like Sherri whose breeding program involves all the health testing to uphold the highest quality puppies that produce AKC standard Boston Terriers. Sherri is an amazing woman of faith. Working with her for six months prior to picking our puppy was a wonderful experience. We couldn't be happier. Little Oskar loves his new big sister, Lily, a Vizsla. At 10 weeks, he is so well adjusted, smart and active - blessed, thanks to all the love and care Sherri provided him and planned long before. Thank you, Sherri, for being the kind of breeder who always makes time to answer all my questions and concerns. I was so happy when you welcomed me to the Painted family! Quotes
Gretchen and Al Warczak
Oskar's New Boston Parents

Quotes There are so many great testimonials to Bretts Painted Bostons that there isn't much left to say. We brought home this wonderful, tiny, tiny (did I mention tiny?) package of pure joy and emotion at 8 wks of age. She is now 4 months and we have not regretted a single moment. This feisty little she devil is so very much loved in our family. We have to be careful not to over-spoil her. She is smart and energetic, yet she cuddles with us at a moments notice. Sherri raises such gems and I am so very glad we found her when searching for a Boston Terrier to add to our family. Of course, I knew she would be everything we wished for in a breeder. Her web site is testimonial to that. She is always available on phone and email and very knowledgable. On top of all that, she really cares and is a wonderful person to deal with. I think she will be a friend forever. Remember, Sherri, if you are ever our way, please come visit. I'm sure Kinsey will love to see you! Quotes
Virginia McKenzie
Adopted Mother of Kinsey McKenzie

Quotes We were incredibly fortunate enough to welcome our newest family member, Minion, via Brett's Painted Bostons. Anyone interested in adopting a Boston simply HAS to go through Brett's. Sherri not only knows everything about these wonderful canine companions, but perhaps more importantly, she provides the love, care and attention they so desperately need from prior to their birth to the heartwarming meeting with their humans, She takes the time not only for the precious puppies, but for the adoptive family as well. She communicates all aspects a prospective family will need to know prior to adoption. If a Boston is a right fit for you and your family, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Sherri of Brett's Painted Bostons. Thanks to Sherri, our family became one 4-legged member larger and happier all the way around! Thank you Sherri! Respectfully, Chris, Terri & Marilyn Quotes
Chris, Terri Marilyn
Brett's: A Friend to All Bostons!

Quotes If you're interested in this breed you should look no further. Sherri in my opinion is the epitome of what an excellent breeder is! She has been fantastic to work with and we have enjoyed the whole experience. Her Boston's are the best looking that I've seen, and I have searched many breeders. I appreciate the complete dedication she gives these animals and her customers. Not to mention the health testing and other information available on her fantastic website. This is our third Boston Terrier. We named our new baby girl "Dottie" because of the cutest little black dot on the top of her head. She has been the best little pup! Our 11 year old male Boston "Jack" is very happy to have a four- legged companion again. We couldn't be more pleased. Happy in Illinois. Quotes
Chelsea & Rick Reimann
"Precious baby girl"

Quotes Having clients who were getting their first dog in 41 years should have terrified any reputable breeder, but Sherri Brett seemed to enjoy the challenge of educating us and sharing her enthusiasm for the Boston Terrier breed. She is extremely caring and gives loads of loving, personal attention to each one of her puppies. We got to visit her farm 3 times during the adoption process so we saw first-hand how much work, money and attention goes into her breeding and caring for our pups. Sheri sent us pictures and videos of Phoebe and her litter mates more than once a week, and she patiently, thoroughly and promptly responded to every dumb question we threw at her! The office staff of the Vet she uses told me that they love her because she is so prepared and organized. In summary, Sherri has been terrific, and we can't imagine dealing with a better, more devoted breeder. Thank you, Sheri, for such a comfortable experience. 9/2012 Quotes
Betsy & Carl
Completely smitten by Phoebe!

Quotes After deciding on what breed I wanted, I laboriously searched dozens of breeders/ websites, until arriving on Sherri's. After communicating a few times with Sherri, I knew I wanted to adopt from her. Why? 1) She was in a commutable distance 2) She had an updated website 3) She seemed organized and was very responsive to my communication 4) She seemed absolutely passionate about breeding 5) She openly offered her knowledge to me and was very thorough with any questions I had 6) Her puppies seemed well cared for, loved, socialized, and medically checked Now having gone through the adoption, I can say without any hesitation or doubt, that I am extremely happy Sherri allowed me to adopt a wonderful, happy, and healthy puppy, Aria. Even after the adoption, Sherri continues to ask about Aria and is very helpful and patient with any questions I have. If you have any concerns about where to adopt, I can tell you, you needn't have any with Sherri. Quotes
Carl Scaramella
If you are looking for a great breeder, look no further

Quotes From the moment we reached out to Sheri, she was responsive, friendly, and helpful. Each week we would get pictures of our baby boy, and the communication was open throughout the adoption process and afterwards. Our puppy has been such a wonderul experience, we are very proud parents and enjoy our Boston, "Dexter", so much! His size and temperment is great, and we get compliments on him everywhere we go. He's one handsome puppy! Thank you, Sheri! Dexter is a gift! Quotes
Jodi & Brad Isaacson
Love our Boston!!!
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